Kim had fun with the driver Putin, the video went viral

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 9:07 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently visited North Korea after two long years. A video of Putin with a smiling Kim Jong Un during the visit has gone viral.

In that viral video, the two heads of state of Russia and North Korea are sitting side by side in a luxury Auras limousine made in Russia. At that time, Putin himself was in the driving seat of the car with Kim sitting next to him.

The video was first published on a Russian state-owned channel. There, Putin is seen in the driving seat of a black armored Auras limousine. Kim is sitting in the seat next to him. Both are enjoying driving. The two heads of state are seen smiling and talking throughout the journey. Both, however, took turns driving the car.

The luxury limousine is essentially the official presidential car of Russian President Putin. Putin later presented the car to Kim. The friendly relationship between the two heads of state and the diplomatic equation between Russia and North Korea are also evident in the video.

After this short journey, the two leaders got down from the car and talked while walking. Related sources said that the Auras limousine was gifted by Putin to Kim Jong Un. He gave a limousine of the same model to Kim last February.

According to the BBC, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has a passion for luxury cars. Kim even has a huge collection of luxury foreign cars. He is often seen driving luxury cars including Mercedes-Maybach S600, Rolls-Royce Phantom and Lexus 570.

However, because they are luxury goods, the United Nations has banned their export to North Korea. Most of the cars in Kim’s collection are believed to be illegally smuggled from abroad. Putin even gifted Kim a car in February, defying a UN ban.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said North Korean President Kim Jong Un arrived at the Vostokny Cosmodrome spaceport to see the vehicle. Putin himself showed him the car. It was then that the Russian president decided to gift the car to Kim Jong Un.

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