Resolution calling for war crimes against Israel passed

Last Updated on April 6, 2024 4:36 am

The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling on Israel to be held accountable for possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the besieged Gaza Strip. In this proposal raised on Friday, it has been demanded to stop selling all kinds of weapons to Israel. News Al Jazeera, Reuters, AP.

Pakistan presented the proposal to the 47-member Human Rights Council on behalf of the OIC. 28 countries voted in favor of this proposal and six countries voted against it. 13 countries abstained from voting.

Countries that voted in favor of the resolution included: Bangladesh, Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Burundi, Chile, China, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Eritrea, Finland, Gambia, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg , Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Qatar, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.
Countries that voted against the resolution included: Argentina, Bulgaria, Germany, Malawi, Paraguay and the United States.

The countries that abstained from voting on the proposal are: Albania, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Georgia, India, Japan, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands and Romania.

The resolution “emphasizes the need to end impunity and ensure accountability for violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”
Israel’s ambassador to Geneva, Merav Ilon Shahar, condemned the proposal as a blow to the Human Rights Council and the United Nations.

Although this proposal of the United Nations Human Rights Council is passed, no country is obliged to accept it. But such a proposal would intensify diplomatic pressure on Israel.

US President Joe Biden threatens to change US policy to Netanyahu: US President Joe Biden has threatened to change US policy if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails to protect civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. He gave this warning during a phone conversation with Netanyahu on Thursday.

In a statement about the two leaders’ phone call, which lasted about 30 minutes, the White House said Biden clarified the need for Israel to “declare and implement concrete and practical steps to prevent civilian casualties, humanitarian suffering and the safety of aid workers.” The White House also said the president made it clear, “US policy on Gaza will be determined by our assessment of Israel’s immediate response to these actions.”

Seven workers at World Central Kitchen (WCK) Group, the charity run by celebrity chef Jose Andres, were killed in an Israeli strike on Monday. They had this phone conversation after seven relief workers were killed.

Meanwhile, after President Biden, the former US president and the candidate of the Republican Party in the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump, also warned Israel. He said, if peace does not return to Gaza soon, then Israel will be in a major disaster in international politics in the near future. He also criticized Israel for the first time for the killing of thousands of civilians in Gaza. In a radio interview on Thursday, Trump said, “I want to give a very simple and short message to the government of Israel: end the war quickly, restore peace and stop killing people. I support the war against Hamas, but the way Israel does it.” This is fighting—I don’t like that.’

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