Spain ready to recognize Palestinian state

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 3:07 am

Spain is going to recognize the Palestinian state. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said this. And this recognition will be given in the next few months. Besides, he is going to start a tour of Europe to convince other countries to recognize Palestine as a state.

Anadolu news agency reported this information in a report on Wednesday (April 10).

According to the report, Spain is “ready to recognize the state of Palestine”, said the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez. On the other hand, his government said that the official recognition of Palestine will be given before next July.

Sanchez said during a parliamentary debate that the international community cannot help Palestine unless it recognizes the existence of a Palestinian state. He also commented that the international community should recognize the existence of the Palestinian state for the geopolitical interests of Europe.

According to reports, the government’s proposal to recognize Palestine is likely to get majority support in parliament. Although the country’s main opposition party is said to be unlikely to support this proposal.

Alberto Nunez, leader of the country’s Popular Party, said he supports a two-state solution. However, he disagreed with the way Sanchez is proceeding.

Spain recently announced it would recognize Palestine, but Ireland, Malta and Slovenia have previously expressed similar intentions.

Anadolu said Sanchez will begin talks on Friday with the leaders of Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal and Belgium to discuss his plan to recognize Palestine and try to persuade more countries to join him.

Earlier, he traveled to the Middle East last week to meet with the leaders of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to discuss ways to achieve lasting peace in Palestine and Israel.

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