Taiwan offered China to negotiate again

Last Updated on May 26, 2024 5:30 pm

Taiwan’s President Lai Ching-tae has offered talks to China after China’s two-day exercise around the island nation of Taiwan in the South China Sea. He said that he is looking forward to increase mutual understanding and reconciliation between the two countries. Reuters reported this information in a report.

Beijing expressed anger over Lai’s inaugural address after he was sworn in last week. In the speech, Lai called on China to end its political and military threats to Taiwan.

Beijing reacted strongly when he referred to Taiwan as an independent island. China then conducted military exercises around Taiwan last Thursday and Friday. In addition, the country has announced to attack Taiwan by 2027. Some analysts believe that Lai’s move is important to maintain stability between the two countries after Beijing’s announcement.

At a meeting of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Taiwan’s southern city of Tainan, Lai expressed his commitment to working with China. At this time, he called for China to work with Taiwan for regional stability.

Lai said he looks forward to deepening mutual understanding and reconciliation with China through exchanges and cooperation, expanding mutual benefits and moving towards peace and prosperity. But Lai also warned that any country that creates ripples in the Taiwan Strait and affects regional stability will not be tolerated.

Lai condemned China’s military exercises. He also thanked the United States and other countries for expressing concern about the Chinese exercise. China has conducted regular military operations around Taiwan over the past four years to pressure the island nation’s government.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said a crude cardboard box was found at the garrison on Erdan, another small island in the Kinmen Islands under its control. Political slogans were written on the box in Chinese characters.

The ministry believes the box was dropped from a drone out of sight. They said that the Chinese Ministry of Defense did not take phone calls outside office hours to inquire about this.

Earlier, in 2022, Taiwan forces shot down a drone from Kinmen.

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