That is why Israel is afraid of Lebanon

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 9:30 am

The United States has warned that Israel’s security could collapse if the ongoing massive fighting between the occupying Israeli forces and the pro-independence group Hamas in the Palestinian Gaza Strip spills over the northern border into Lebanon.

It is believed that Israel’s proud Iron Dome will not be able to protect Tel Aviv from attacks by pro-Iranian armed groups. But why? Israel and its allies are suffering from such fear of such weapons.

According to a CNN report, US officials say that Israel could be at risk if a full-scale war with pro-Iranian armed organizations in Lebanon takes place.

It is said that Hezbollah has more missiles and drones than the number of missiles in Israel’s air defense systems, including the Iron Dome.

Israel has recently announced preparations for ground and air strikes on Lebanon. After that, the pro-Iranian group’s barrage of drones and missiles could hit Israel, raising fears among Western allies.

Last Wednesday, Israel informed the United States of its plan to move military equipment from southern Gaza to the Lebanese border. US officials have since said that some of Iron Dome’s batteries are not fully capable of preventing counterattacks.

The Iron Dome is an important part of Israel’s defense system. Tel Aviv spends 2.9 billion dollars every year behind this. Israel claims the Iron Dome had a 95.6 percent success rate in stopping rocket attacks by Palestinian independence groups last year. But the armed groups in Lebanon are much stronger than them.

For years, Iran has provided the Lebanese armed group with powerful missiles capable of hitting specific targets.

An Israeli official said that if they launch a large-scale attack with these weapons, Iron Dome will only lose its ability to stop them. However, the pro-Iranian group in Lebanon has already shown its capabilities.

Earlier this month, their drones attacked a battery in Iron Dome. Just this week, a video captured by the group’s drone captured images of various Israeli military installations.

According to Israeli forces, the Lebanese organization has about one and a half million missiles and rockets. The US says they have 40,000 to 50,000 fighters. However, last Wednesday, the head of the organization, Hassan Nasrallah, said that this number is much more than one lakh. Among them are members of Hezbollah’s special forces ‘Redwan Force’.

Hassan Nasrallah said, if the war is “imposed” on Lebanon, then his party will not care about any rules in fighting.

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