That’s why China installed a ‘timer’ in the toilet of the tourist center

Last Updated on June 15, 2024 9:48 am

The authorities have installed a timer in the toilet of a popular tourist center in China. These toilets are used by women. Through that timer, it is seen from outside how much time a person is spending after entering the toilet.

The British media BBC reported that these timers have been installed in the toilets of Yunnan Buddhist grottoes. Where millions of people visit every year.

A storm of criticism has arisen after a video in this regard was published on social media. Some say the timers are set to ‘schedule’ toilet use.

However, an employee of the tourist center told the local media Xiaoxiang Morning Herald that the timer has been installed to cope with the increase in the number of tourists. They are not installed to limit who can use the toilet for how long.

Another worker of the center told the local media that there are timers in the toilets since May 1. A timer starts counting when someone enters the toilet. It continues as long as the door is closed. When there is no one in the toilet, there is an ’empty’ sign.

Many said they could have built a new toilet there without spending money on this timer.

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