The acceptance of the United States has decreased, China is rising

Last Updated on April 6, 2024 4:23 am

The acceptance of the United States by Southeast Asian countries has decreased. The name of China has come forward as an ally. This information has emerged in a new survey. The survey was done by a Singapore-based organization.

China is currently the second largest economy in the world. However, Beijing is adopting a strategy to move forward based on the modernization of the industrial sector and the development of new productive forces. There is only one objective, that is to overtake the United States to become the world’s top economy.

The competition between the two countries is also visible. It is slowly becoming clear who dominates which region.

A public opinion survey report has been published on who the countries of Southeast Asia want as allies, the United States or China. The survey was conducted by Singapore-based institute ISEAS Yusuf Ishaq Institute.

The results show that if a country is to be chosen as an ally, the countries of this region will choose China. However, the survey also said that some countries will lean towards the US as tensions over the South China Sea continue.

The organization has been conducting the survey for the past few years. About 1,100 people of different schools of thought from the countries of the region took part in the survey, which lasted until February 23 this year. 50.5 percent of them think that people will want China’s alliance. Last year this number was 38.9 percent.

61.1 percent of Southeast Asians see the United States as their preferred ally in 2023. Although this year it has come down to 49.5 percent. The highest number of participants in this survey were citizens of Singapore and Indonesia.

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