The car given to Kim by Putin is made of South Korean parts!

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:35 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a luxury car to North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un after two long years. However, the Russian-made Auras limousine is said to be made with parts in South Korea.

During their visit to North Korea, Putin and Kim traveled around Pyongyang in a Russian-made Auras limousine to demonstrate their strong anti-Western alliance, Reuters reported.

Moscow imported South Korean-made parts worth about US$15.5 million for the car. These include body parts, sensors, programmable controllers, switches, welding equipment and other components.

The luxury limousine was reportedly launched in 2018 to reflect Russia’s domestic expertise and reduce import dependence on technology and products.

But according to customs records, parts of the multimillion-dollar limousine were imported from South Korea, Kim’s arch-enemy.

The two leaders were seen taking turns driving the armored limousine during Putin’s lavish tour.

In a video released on Russian state-run channels, Putin was seen sitting in the driving seat of a black armored Auras limousine. Kim is sitting in the seat next to him. Both are enjoying driving. The two heads of state are seen smiling and talking throughout the journey. Both, however, took turns driving the car.

The luxury limousine is essentially the official presidential vehicle of Russian President Putin. Putin later presented the car to Kim. The friendly relationship between the two heads of state and the diplomatic equation between Russia and North Korea are also evident in the video.

After this short journey, the two leaders got down from the car and talked while walking. Related sources said that Putin gifted the Auras limousine to Kim Jong Un. He gave a limousine of the same model to Kim last February.

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