The president of Vietnam has resigned

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 5:05 am

Vietnamese President Vo Van Thung resigned after just one year in office. He is believed to have resigned due to links to a corruption scandal in his home province.

In a statement after a meeting of the ruling Communist Party on Wednesday, the country’s government said Thung had broken the party’s policy and tarnished its image.

Thung was appointed president last year after another president was forced to step down due to corruption.

According to the media BBC, the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam prioritize corruption as a problem and try to solve it urgently. A change of leadership in a country is usually done through careful planning and sequenced action.

So the loss of two successive presidents to corruption scandals in just over a year underscores how widespread corruption is in the fast-growing economy and is becoming increasingly difficult for the Communist Party to tackle.

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