The “real story” of the Israeli invasion and massacre in Gaza is exposed!

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 9:28 am

45 people, including 5 Palestinian journalists, have been killed in recent Israeli attacks in occupied Gaza. The number of dead in Gaza has exceeded 38 thousand 100. On the other hand, 10 Israeli soldiers were killed in an attack by the Qassam Brigades of Hamas.

According to the calculations of the Gaza Ministry of Health, 38 thousand 153 Palestinians were killed and 87 thousand 828 were injured in the 274 days since October 8.

In addition, the number of missing persons in Gaza is more than 10 thousand. According to Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch, more than 10,000 Palestinians are buried under the rubble of houses and buildings destroyed by Israeli bombardment.

According to a report, there is no necessary equipment to lift the bodies. The occupying Israeli forces are not allowing heavy equipment and machinery into Gaza. Many Palestinians are buried in unmarked graves.

Meanwhile, the number of journalists killed in the Israeli aggression in Gaza has increased to 158 people. Palestinian journalist Amjad Jazzuuh and his wife Wafa Abu Dabbaan lost their lives in an Israeli bomb attack on a house in Gaza’s Nuseirat area on Saturday. On Sunday, Israeli forces killed 16 more Palestinians in various areas of Gaza.

On the contrary, 10 Israeli soldiers were killed in an attack by Hamas’ Izzaddin Qassam Brigade on Friday. An Israeli Mirkava tank was also destroyed in the operation of Hamas in Sujaiyah area.

On the other hand, in response to Israeli attacks in Gaza and Lebanon, the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah fired a large number of Katyusha rockets at the Israeli command-center in Kiryat Shamuna. A military building of the Israeli army in the Shallumi area was also hit by Hezbollah rockets.

In such a situation, Hamas has agreed to a new proposal regarding a ceasefire and prisoner exchange. The group also told mediators to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza for 16 days after the first phase of the ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops.

Earlier, in response to Biden’s proposal, Hamas said, at the outset, Israel must guarantee that Israel will not start another war after the ceasefire comes into effect. Hamas was adamant about this. But now Hamas says it must guarantee that Israel will not fight again during the second phase of negotiations after a six-week first phase ceasefire.

In a statement, Hamas also warned that any possible post-war plan for Gaza would not accept any action against the will of the Palestinian people.

It also stated that the Palestinian people will not accept any leadership or guardianship imposed on the management of Gaza. Because any such imposition would be a violation of the Palestinian people’s right to freedom and self-determination.

Meanwhile, the barbaric Israel is continuing to invade Gaza to seize water and energy resources, reported by Reuters, Al Jazeera Middle East Eye and other international media.

The media say that Israel is destroying buildings and infrastructure and carrying out massacres in order to capture Gaza’s water and energy resources. So that the Palestinians are forced to leave Gaza. And this is how the Israelis want to occupy the entire Gaza and loot its natural resources.

Meanwhile, a former member of Israel’s parliament said that the Gaza war will cause a great loss for Israel. The member of parliament also claimed that the time to establish a cease-fire in Gaza is near.

Commenting that Israel has not achieved any goal in Gaza, the former Israeli parliamentarian, who did not wish to be named, said that the exchange of prisoners of war is a means of obtaining concessions and even ending the war. Israel itself is realizing more than others that time is not on Israel’s side.

Source: Middle East Monitor

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