There is no skilled pilot to fly the plane given by India in the Maldives!

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 2:57 pm

Indian troops in Maldives have been brought back to India. They returned to India at the request of the Maldivian President Muhammad Muijju. However, after their return, the Muijju government is in trouble. Maldives does not have adequate personnel to fly the three planes gifted by India. This was said by the Defense Minister of that country, Ghassan Maumun.

Soon after being sworn in as President, Muijju announced that there would be no Indian troops on Maldivian territory. That is why the Indian government was requested to withdraw the army. After a long discussion on the matter, the Narendra Modi government accepted Muijju’s request. After that 76 soldiers were brought back to India step by step from Maldives.

In response to the journalists’ questions about the withdrawal of this army, the Defense Minister of Maldives told about his problems. He said, our army does not have any skilled pilots to fly the three aircrafts provided by India. He also said that they have started training their troops to fly the aircraft. But the training did not end due to various reasons.

Indian troops were stationed in Maldives to operate and maintain two helicopters and a Dornier aircraft. The plane was gifted to Maldives by India.

A team of Indian Army deployed in Maldives returned home on April 9. After that only one more team was left to return to India. Muijju’s office spokesperson Hina Walid claimed in a local media that they had also left the Maldives before May 10.

Source: Anandabazar Patrika, NDTV

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