Uzbekistan invests in Ukraine the most among Central Asian countries

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 5:03 pm

The Ukrainian service YouControl has conducted a survey to find out what countries invest more and more actively in the economy of Ukraine. reported the details.

It is specified that foreign investment means participation in the authorized or share capital of foreign companies or the beneficial owner must be a citizen of another state, or have registration abroad.

It turned out that from February 24, 2022 to April 30, 2024 foreigners were the owners or participants in 3,570 Ukrainian companies.

In addition, 2,950 new companies with the participation of foreign capital were registered in the market during this period.

«The leader in investments was Uzbekistan. Citizens of the Central Asian republic became owners or co-owners of 1,500 Ukrainian companies. A significant part of these legal entities until February 24, 2022 had other owners from Ukraine,» the media outlet reports.

Turkey (623 companies) and the UK (619 companies) are next in terms of investments in Ukrainian companies.

Kazakhstan is also on the list. According to YouControl, over the past two years, Kazakhstanis have joined the structure of owners of more than 500 Ukrainian companies.

As for Kyrgyzstan, as news agency found out, there is only one company in Ukraine founded by a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic — Trade House Kyrgyzstan, owned by Suyunbek Mirzakanov. The company is engaged in wholesale and retail trade of cars and motorcycles.

As for EU countries, the most investments come from Poland (244 companies) and Germany (182 companies). The U.S. invested only in 239 Ukrainian companies.

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