Why is the attack on Gaza not stopped?

Last Updated on June 14, 2024 11:40 am

US President Joe Biden has taken the initiative to stop the attack on Gaza. Even then, this brutality does not stop. Those concerned say that the agreement is not finalized yet due to Hamas’ insistence on a demand.

On May 31, US President Joe Biden proposed a ceasefire to end the war between Hamas and Israel. Later, the United States presented this proposal to the United Nations Security Council last Monday. which was accepted by the Council.

Two Israeli officials involved in negotiating the deal said Hamas wants Israel to agree to a permanent cease-fire proposal as part of the deal and guarantee its implementation. However, the Israeli proposal presented by Biden did not include this issue. Instead, it said both sides would initially agree to a six-week ceasefire. During this ceasefire, negotiations will begin on a permanent ceasefire, which is to be implemented in the second phase of the agreement.

If negotiations for a permanent ceasefire are not successful during the first phase of the ceasefire, it can be extended from six weeks if necessary. The Palestinian armed group Hamas objected to this part of the proposal. In fact, the draft resolution says, if Hamas does not live up to the agreement’s commitments, or agrees to the terms of a later phase, Israel could resume attacks.

The two officials acknowledged that Hamas’s response suggested further changes to the draft proposal. But they claim those changes are minor and will be resolved if Israel accepts a permanent ceasefire.

The two officials also said that Hamas wants to ensure a permanent ceasefire, because they fear that Netanyahu will start the war again under any pretext of implementing the first phase of the ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that he wants to eliminate the administrative and military capabilities of Hamas. Netanyahu, also known as ‘Bibi’, said he would not agree to any deal that would end the war before those two goals were met.

He said the details of the draft agreement were not disclosed, but it was designed to meet Israel’s goals. However, the part of the agreement published in the media at the beginning of this week contradicts Netanyahu’s claim.

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