28 soldiers killed in IS attack in Syria

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 4:13 am

Two separate attacks by the international militant group Islamic State (IS) have killed 28 Syrian government forces.

The attack took place on Friday (April 19), according to a report by the human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

According to reports, IS gunmen targeted a bus carrying soldiers in the eastern province of Homs. A total of 22 passengers of that bus were killed.

All of these soldiers who were killed were members of the Quds Brigade of the Syrian Armed Forces. The brigade’s fighters are all ethnically Palestinian, and Moscow, Damascus’ main ally, has regularly provided financial and military support to the Quds Brigades in recent years.

On the same day, IS gunmen attacked a military base in the eastern city of Albu Kamal and killed 6 Syrian soldiers.

However, neither of the two incidents was reported in the Syrian state media.

Note that in 2014, IS emerged in Syria and Iraq. This international Islamic militant group declared itself a separate state by occupying large territories of the two countries.

However, since the Russian Air Force began operations in IS-held areas in 2015, the group’s violence has been on the decline. The group has managed to hold on to only a fifth of the territory it captured in 2014.

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