3 Myanmar troops entered Bangladesh again

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 9:10 am

3 members of the Myanmar army escaped through the Ghumdhum border of Naikxyongchari upazila of Bandarban and took refuge in Bangladesh. They are in BGB custody.

These 3 members escaped through the Tumbru border of Ghumdhum early on Saturday morning. After receiving the news, the BGB members went and collected the weapons they were carrying and took them into custody. Later they were taken to Naikshyongchari Battalion of BGB.

Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Shah Mojahid Uddin Chowdhury confirmed this information. He said that 3 people have fled and taken shelter. The matter is being taken up in detail.

A BGB official said on condition of anonymity that the BGB headquarters was informed after taking 3 people into custody. Details will be given later.

Earlier on March 11, 179 members of the Myanmar Border Police-BGP escaped through the Jamchari border in Naikshyongchari. They are also in Naikshyongchari BGB battalion. The process of repatriating them to Myanmar is underway.

From the night of last February 2, across the border of Naikxyongchari upazila, the clash between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar Border Guard Force BGP started. Due to this, 330 people including BGP fled to Bangladesh from February 4 to February 7. Out of which 302 BGP members, 4 BGP family members, 2 army personnel, 18 immigration personnel and 4 civilians were there. They were officially sent back on February 15.

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