Hamas attack kills one Israeli soldier, injures 16

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 4:48 am

A soldier was killed in an attack by the Palestinian armed group Hamas. 16 more people were injured in this incident. Among the wounded were six Israeli commandos.

The Times of Israel reported this information in a report on Friday.
The name of the deceased is Sergeant First Class Alon Kudryasov (21). He was a soldier of Egoz Commando Unit. Among the injured, six commandos are in critical condition. All of them were taken to hospital for treatment.

In this regard, the Israeli army said, the wounded commandos were stationed inside a house in southern Gaza. Then Hamas fighters fired RPGs at them. One soldier was killed and 16 others were injured. Out of which 6 people were seriously injured. All of them were taken to hospital for treatment.

The war between Hamas and Israel started on October 7 last year. On that day, Israel carried out massive airstrikes in Gaza. A few days later, Israeli forces entered Gaza with tanks and other armored vehicles.

So far, 254 Israeli soldiers have died in this war that has lasted for more than six months. In addition, thousands of soldiers were injured. Most of whom have received paralysis.

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