51,000-year-old ‘mysterious cave paintings’ found in Indonesia

Last Updated on July 6, 2024 9:23 am

An approximately 51,200-year-old painting has been found in a cave in Indonesia. Archaeologists claim that this is the world’s oldest known painting. This mysterious artefact was found in the Leang Karampuang Cave on the island of Sulawesi in eastern Indonesia. It is six thousand years older than the previous artefact.

Researchers from Griffith University, Southern Cross University and Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency reported this in an article published in the influential journal Nature.

The painting was sampled in 2017, but the date of its painting could not be determined until earlier this year. The cave painting is actually a picture story. The latest mysterious painting was found on the same island in Indonesia, about 10 kilometers from where the previous one was found.

The earliest historic painting shows a life-size wild boar, initially thought to have been painted at least 45,500 years ago in a cave called Liang Tedongge. However, the recently discovered painting shows three therianthropes. It is mainly painted with a combination of humans and animals. Beside it is a wild boar.

Adhi Agus Octaviana, lead author and PhD student at Griffith University, said it was surprising that the painting predates European Ice Age art, except for some controversial artefacts from Spain.

Earlier, Spanish scientists claimed that several artefacts dating back more than 64,000 years have been found in three places in the country: Cantabria, Andalusia and Extremadura. However, Sydney University rock art expert Dr. According to Tristan Jones, Spain’s claims have been rejected by the international scientific community.

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