61 people died of heatstroke in Thailand

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 8:47 am

61 people have died of heat stroke in Thailand so far this year due to intense heat and heat wave. This number is more than the total number of 2023.

The country’s Ministry of Health announced the information on Friday (May 10).

The South China Morning Post reports that in recent weeks, life in Thailand has suffered due to extreme heat. This has seen the authorities issuing heatwave warnings almost every day.

The Health Ministry said on Friday that 61 people have lost their lives due to heatstroke since the beginning of 2024. A total of 37 lives were lost in heatstroke in 2023.

The ministry also said Thailand’s agricultural northeast had the highest number of heatstroke deaths.

Scientists have been warning for a long time that many more natural disasters, including extreme heat waves, are occurring due to man-made climate change.

Meteorologists have said that the monsoon will arrive in Thailand later than normal this year. However, they also said that there is a possibility of storm ahead.

The highest temperature recorded in Thailand in April is 44.2 degrees Celsius. But last year the country recorded a maximum of 44.6 degrees Celsius. Which is the highest national record in the history of the country.

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