Market fire in Thailand, 1000 pets dead

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 8:44 am

1,000 pets died in a fire at the popular Chatuchak market in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Local authorities said that the incident of fire in hundreds of animal and bird shops of the market took place early on Tuesday (June 11).

Citing local authorities, Al Jazeera reported in a report that the fire started in Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market from an electrical short circuit. A thousand animals and birds were burnt to death. These include many animals including birds, dogs, cats, snakes, snakes, pythons and chameleons.

However, no human casualties occurred. According to the preliminary investigation, 118 shops in Chatuchak Market, where pets and birds are sold, were burnt down.

Pets were being sold in the unsanitary environment of Chatuchak Market for a long time. There was an increase in the number of animals dying due to diseases. The shops were criticized for this.

For this reason, calls for the closure of pet shops in the market have been being made for a long time from various parts of the country. This terrible fire incident reminded us of that call again.

Chatuchak Market is one of the largest markets in South Asia. There are thousands of shops in the narrow streets of this market. While the market’s pet shops are open throughout the week, other shops are open on weekends.

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