A sign of releasing 800 Palestinian prisoners against 40 Israelis

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 11:39 am

The country’s government has indicated the release of 700-800 hostages against 40 Israelis held hostage by Hamas. In this situation, the Israelis see the possibility of reaching a ceasefire with Hamas.

Palestinian media Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel reported this information citing Israeli officials.

According to the report, Israel has softened its tone on the settlement of hostages and Palestinian prisoners and the ceasefire. Last week, Israeli negotiators returned to Qatar after participating in ceasefire talks brokered by the United States, Egypt and Qatar. After their return, Israeli government officials gave this indication.

An Israeli official said on condition of anonymity that Israel accepted the cease-fire proposal proposed by the United States in the talks held in Qatar. The US proposal has been sent to Hamas. However, the official did not give any detailed information about what is in that proposal.

The official told The Times of Israel that twice the number of Palestinian prisoners released earlier — as many as 800 could be released this time — in exchange for 40 Israeli hostages. The exchange will take place in the first phase of a 6-week ceasefire.

Meanwhile, thousands of people protested in Tel Aviv demanding a prisoner exchange agreement with Hamas. In addition to this, they have also raised the demand to hold elections in Israel now.

Thousands of Israelis protested in Kaplan Square, the heart of Tel Aviv, against the current government led by Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said on Saturday that they demanded a prisoner exchange agreement with Hamas.

Demonstrators took to the rally with pictures of dozens of Israeli prisoners held in Gaza and chanted ‘elections now’.

At the same time, about 300 protesters blocked Begin Street, adjacent to Tel Aviv’s Defense Ministry headquarters, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported. They held up a banner reading ‘169’, indicating the number of days of the ongoing war.

It is expected that the momentum of protests against Netanyahu’s government will increase further and spread to other areas and cities.

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