“All Israel’s sensitive targets under Hezbollah’s missiles”

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 9:44 am

Sheikh Nabil Kauk, deputy head of the organization’s executive council, claimed that all the sensitive targets of Israel are under Hezbollah’s missiles. In the face of the threat of an all-out war against Hezbollah by Israel, the Lebanese resistance organization said, such a war will not prevent the defeat of Israel.

Lebanon will not serve as a place for Israel to prevent its defeat, he told the Lebanese Arabic-language online newspaper Al-Nasra. Rather, the country will be a field of defeat for the Zionist enemies and a place of victory and resistance against the occupiers.

Sheikh Nabil Kauk made it clear that Hizbollah is capable of hitting the sensitive targets of Israel with its missiles and drones wherever it wants.

Meanwhile, the United States has given a stern warning about Hezbollah.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with Israeli representative Yoav Galant at the Pentagon on Tuesday. At the time, he warned, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah could lead to a regional war. He called for a quick diplomatic solution.

Israeli forces have been waging war in Gaza for more than eight months. Hezbollah is fighting for Palestine to prevent this. Austin believes that this has increased tensions in the region.

Austin said, ‘Another war between Israel and Hezbollah could easily turn into a regional war. The consequences for the Middle East will be dire. “Diplomacy is the best solution to stop the tension here.”

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