An Israeli attack killed a Hezbollah commander in Lebanon

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:12 am

Israel targeted a Lebanese vehicle. Al-Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, said that a commander of the country’s armed group Hezbollah was killed.

Citing the country’s state-run National News Agency, Al-Jazeera reported that the Israeli army attacked a vehicle in Tire, the largest city in southern Lebanon.

An ambulance took two injured people to the hospital in the attack that took place in Al-Hawsh area of ​​Tyre.

A video of the attack has gone viral on social media. Al-Jazeera verified the authenticity of the video.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s interim prime minister, Najib Mikati, called for an end to Israel’s attacks on Gaza. At an event in the capital Beirut, Mikati said, “We are concerned about our Arab identity in the face of ongoing genocide in Gaza.”

He said, peace will be established only if the Palestinians can live in a free and independent state. The history of this region started from Palestine.

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