In response to the commander’s killing, Hezbollah launched 100 rocket attacks on Israel

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:16 am

The organization launched 100 “Katyusha” rocket attacks on Israel in protest against the killing of a top commander of the Lebanese Iran-backed armed group Hezbollah in Israel’s attack.

Hizbullah carried out this attack in various places including the southern Lebanese area of ​​Marzayoun in Israel on Wednesday. Aljazeera news.

Hezbollah said in a statement that these rockets were fired at two places in the Golan Heights occupied by Israel after killing the senior commander. They said Hezbollah fighters attacked Nafah barracks of (Israeli) Golan Division headquarters and Keila barracks of Air and Missile Defense headquarters.

They also said the attack was part of a response to attacks and killings carried out by Israeli enemies in the Lebanese coastal city of Tayre. Nimar Nasser, one of Hezbollah’s senior commanders, was killed in an Israeli attack. He is also known as ‘Hajj Abu Nima’. His bodyguard also lost his life in the Israeli attack.

Incidentally, after the war between the Palestinian armed group Hamas and Israel started in October last year, the powerful Lebanese group Hezbollah also joined it. Hizbollah’s attacks were low in intensity at the start of the war, but have increased in the past few months. Israel has threatened a full-scale war with Hizbullah as the attack escalated.

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