Another battalion of the Myanmar junta was captured by the rebels

Last Updated on March 16, 2024 12:45 pm

The fighting rebels claimed to take over the headquarters of Infantry Battalion 237 of the Myanmar junta forces.

It was captured by the Kachin Independent Army (KIA) and its allies on Thursday (March 14).

According to a report by The Irrawaddy newspaper, the rebels seized the headquarters on Thursday, a week after the attack in the country’s Bhamo district.

KIA spokesman Colonel Nawa Bu said they captured the base near Dasai village near Momauk town on Thursday. He claimed that at least 20 outposts of the military junta came under their control last week.

Colonel Now Bu said, first we occupy all bunkers around that base. Then the head office came into our possession. Our soldiers are cleaning the area.

However, this report could not be verified from an independent source, Irrawaddy said. It said the KIA, Arakan Army, Kachin People’s Defense Force (PDF) and other groups were involved in the operation. In response to their attacks, the military junta launched shelling and airstrikes in Laiza near Mamuuk.

It is known that the head office of KIA is here. The battalion base has fallen, the PDF said. As a result, military junta troops attacked and shelled us from the air in Vamako town and other bases.

“We have killed at least 40 army personnel,” a PDF member said. We recovered at least 200 weapons and military equipment from them.

A video in Kachin media showed anti-regime forces stationed inside the battalion. They have taken possession of a large quantity of weapons there.

Battalion 237 Headquarters (Headquarters) was established in 2005 on 400 hectares of land next to a road connecting Laiza in Bhamo district. Earlier on 8 March, the KIA and its allies captured the headquarters of Infantry Battalion 142 in the town of Daotoponian. There was a massive war with the army of the military junta. At one point, the army personnel waved the white flag. There were at least 100 soldiers in this battalion.

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