Bangladesh’s Teknaf-Saint Martin shaken by explosion, warship floats in Nafand

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 4:40 am

Terrorism has increased in Teknaf and St. Martin due to the intensity of the shootings and conflict in Myanmar. Teknaf and St. Martin islands are shaken by the explosion. Meanwhile, a Myanmar warship was seen across Nafand on Shahpari island border.

The ship was visible from Friday (March 29) morning to 11 pm. Later it moved elsewhere. At the same time, intermittent loud explosions were heard in Teknaf and Saint Martin.

People in the border area reported that a few noises were heard isolated from Thursday night to Friday (March 29) afternoon. But from 3 pm to 4 pm there were more than 10 loud noises in a row. Women and children are most afraid of the loud sound of gunfire.

Abdur Rahman, a resident of Shahpari Island in Teknaf, said that since yesterday (March 28), the explosion of shells and mortar shells had been felt a little less. From Friday morning to 11:00 pm, a Myanmar warship was seen beyond Nafd. The sound of explosions has increased since it left.

Abdus Salam, UP member of Ward No. 9 of Sabrang Union, said that there was no sound of gunfire or mortar shell explosion on Thursday. But around 3 o’clock on Friday, a few sounds were heard in a row.

Abdul Malek, a resident of St. Martin, said that the coral island of St. Martin is shaking with the sound of gunfire due to the conflict inside Myanmar. Since Friday afternoon, the sound of gunshots can be heard intermittently. The people of the island were terrified. Especially children and women are most afraid.

Rashed Mahmud Ali, chairman of Teknaf’s Hnila Union Parishad, said that the sound of continuous gunfire could be heard across the border of Hnila and Myanmar for the past few days. Although it was a quiet day on Thursday, the sound of loud explosions has been heard since Friday afternoon.

Due to the border situation, BGB is on alert to prevent new Rohingya infiltration. Teknaf 2-BGB Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Mohiuddin Ahmed said that Rakhine situation is being closely monitored. BGB patrols have been increased in Nafand and the border to prevent Rohingya infiltration.

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