Begging in Dubai on tourist visa, arrested 202

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 4:31 am

202 beggars were arrested in the first two weeks of the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Most of them went to Dubai on tourist visas. However, they were caught red-handed in the special anti-begging operation of the police.

Khaleej Times reported this information in a report on Wednesday (March 27).

Dubai police officer Brigadier Ali Salem Al Samsi said that these arrested beggars were begging on tourist visas to get more money in a quick time. They are basically not professional beggars. During Ramadan the rich help the needy; Using this opportunity, they were cheating by pretending to be beggars.

Among the 202 beggars arrested in the first two weeks of Ramadan, 112 were male. And 90 women.

Dubai has strict laws against begging. Apart from banning alms, ordinary people are encouraged not to give alms.

According to the Dubai Police, those who disobey the guidelines and are caught begging will be fined 5,000 dirhams (about one and a half lakh rupees). The accused will be sentenced to imprisonment for more than three months.

And the gangs who bring ordinary people from other countries to engage in professions like begging will be sentenced to six months in prison and fined one hundred thousand dirhams.

Brigadier Al Samsi, a Dubai Police official, urged anyone who is seen begging to be reported suspicious. According to this official, most of the beggars cheat the common people by creating fabricated stories.

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