India and the US face each other over the issue of Kejriwal’s arrest

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 4:30 am

Md Khayrul Bashar, Senior Reporter:

India has protested US comments on the trial of arrested Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

On Wednesday (March 27), the acting US Deputy Chief of Mission in the country, Gloria Barbena, was summoned to the office of the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi. He was there for about 40 minutes.

He was told that the comments made by the US on Kejriwal’s trial were unwanted and unintended.

Earlier on Thursday, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of India arrested Kejriwal on charges of involvement in excise corruption. Later he was kept in ED custody on the orders of the lower court.

ED told the court that Kejriwal is the mastermind behind the excise policy. He took a bribe of Rs.100 crores.

According to Indian media, the United States responded on Tuesday (March 26) to Kejriwal’s trial. They hope the trial will be fair, expeditious and uphold basic democratic values. The news agency Reuters reported this information about the spokesperson of the US State Department.

Earlier on Friday (March 22), Germany expressed concern over Kejriwal’s arrest. Along with that, the country called for ‘fair and impartial trial’.

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry said, “We have taken note of the matter.” India is a democratic country. We assume and hope that the standards of independence of the judiciary and basic democratic principles will be applied in this case as well.

He added that Kejriwal, like any person facing charges, has the right to a fair and impartial trial. He may use all legal means without restriction.

However, India strongly protested Germany’s statement on the Kejriwal issue. India’s foreign ministry termed the German foreign ministry spokesperson’s comments as “blatant interference in India’s internal affairs”.

In a statement from the Ministry of External Affairs of India on Wednesday afternoon, it is said that in diplomacy it is important to be respectful of the internal affairs and sovereignty of other countries. This etiquette is all the more desirable if both countries are democracies. Otherwise, undesirable and unhealthy conditions are born.

It is also said that India’s judiciary is independent. The system promises to speed up the judicial process. Blame is not intended on this matter.

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