Changi Airport will offer passport-free departure clearance from 2024

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 12:32 pm

Singapore : From the first half of 2024, Changi Airport will introduce automated immigration checkpoint clearance for departing travellers from Singapore, utilising biometric data and eliminating the need for passports.

The first phase of initiative will eliminate the need for multiple passport and boarding pass checks throughout the boarding process. Instead, QR code scanning will be introduced at land checkpoints, guaranteeing a swifter and more secure process for immigration and customs clearance.

This will facilitate a smoother process, enhancing and simplifying border controls in the event of another pandemic outbreak or during travel peak periods. This system will also allow the gathering of passenger and crew information in advance for all entry methods, enabling quick instructions to be issued to airlines and other transport operators to prevent suspicious individuals from boarding flights from Singapore.

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