China deploys warplanes on Sikkim border

Last Updated on June 2, 2024 9:00 am

China has deployed several advanced J-20 warplanes just 150 km away from Sikkim. Fighter jets are extremely small in size. Not easily caught on radar. It is detected only if the radar is very powerful and the distance is not too far. All Source Analysis, a geopolitical analysis firm, recently released satellite imagery. So that the latest warplanes are seen deployed at the Chinese air base near the Indian border in Sikkim. NTV reported on Friday that not only J-20 fighter jets, but also several J-10 fighter jets and a KJ-500 aircraft were seen in the film.

By looking at several images taken by artificial satellites, it is understood that the warplanes arrived there on May 27. Earlier, a cargo plane was also spotted at China’s Shigos airfield. All source analysis believes that the necessary equipment and supplies of the air force deployed there are provided through that aircraft. J-20 fighter jets are not deployed at the Chinese air force base near the Sikkim border throughout the year. So the question arises as to why there is a sudden need to fly six state-of-the-art fighter jets to that base.

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