China is launching ‘panda diplomacy’ again in the United States

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 9:22 am

China will send two giant pandas to the National Zoo in Washington DC. Analysts see it as the beginning of a new era of ‘panda diplomacy’ between the two superpowers. Aljazeera news.

The names of the two pandas are Bao Li and King Bao, US zoo officials said on Wednesday. Two pandas will arrive in the United States later this year. They will be brought to America under a 10-year breeding and research agreement.

In an interview, Jill Biden wrote, “Once again, giant pandas will have exciting adventures at our national zoo.” Their activities will be seen by children near and far. We are very excited about this.

China’s panda diplomacy began in 1972. At that time, Beijing sent the animal to the United States for the first time as a gift after the visit of the then US President Richard Nixon to the communist country. However, in the last few years, when tensions between the two countries arose, several pandas were taken back to China.

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