China unhappy with Putin-Kim friendship!

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 9:38 am

In international politics, most of the time, policy alignment between Russia, China and North Korea can be observed. They also fight indirectly as an alliance against the West. However, China does not want to do so openly. Therefore, when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited North Korea and announced a confrontation with the United States and the Western alliance along with Kim Jong Un, China felt it was appropriate not to say anything about it.

When asked about China’s position on Putin’s visit to North Korea, Lin Jian, the spokesperson of the country’s foreign ministry, said that it is only a bilateral exchange of views between Russia and North Korea. He refused to say more than that.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace analyst Tong Zhao explained why China is wary of good relations between Russia and North Korea in a conversation with Reuters, ‘China has some problems with North Korea’s military cooperation with Russia. Because as a result, Beijing can seize the single influence that Beijing has on Pyongyang in geopolitical affairs.

In addition, this analyst also thinks that China does not want to completely distance itself from the West like Russia and North Korea, “Beijing does not want a de facto tripartite alliance between Beijing, Moscow and Pyongyang.” Because if this happens, China will have problems in maintaining relations with important countries of the West.

China is still North Korea’s biggest supporter in the international arena. However, North Korea is getting closer to Russia recently. Kim Jong Un chose Russia for his first international visit after the Corona epidemic. Similarly, Putin visited North Korea as the first head of state after the North Korean border was relaxed last year.

Russia’s use of ballistic missiles made in North Korea in the Ukraine war is another proof of the increasing Moscow-Pyongyang affinity. All in all, China is under some pressure for the good relationship between Putin and Kim.

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