Israel is building a road through the middle of Gaza

Last Updated on March 11, 2024 11:38 pm

Israel is building a road through the middle of Gaza. The country’s defense forces (IDF) have begun construction. The new road runs east-west through northern Gaza. Ended up on the Mediterranean coast. On March 6, satellite images of road construction are coming to the fore. On February 17, the first video of this road was published by the Israeli television “Channel 14”. The newly constructed road connects the entire Gaza Strip with Israel. This information was reported by the BBC by analyzing the images taken with the help of artificial satellites.

Now a 6.5 km wide road stretches from the Gaza-Israel border across the blockaded territory. The IDF said the road was built to carry out “operations” in Gaza. This will facilitate the movement of their troops and equipment. But experts fear that the newly constructed road will hinder the movement of Palestinians.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stepped up surveillance in Gaza since the start of the war. He even announced indefinite security controls in Gaza in February. In continuation of this, Israel is building a road in Gaza.

According to the BBC report, the road stretches across southern, central and northern Gaza. The newly constructed road starts from the Israel-Gaza border area near Nahal Oz Kibbutz and ends near the coast. The new road connects Salah al-Din and al-Rashid, the two main roads in central Gaza. That is, through this one road, the entire Gaza can be traveled without interruption.

Basically these roads were earlier part of the under construction process. Five kilometers of new roads have been added to the now unconnected roads. The road was built in the eastern Gaza Strip in October and November last year. But most of its work is going on in February and March this year. Israel destroyed houses and buildings that obstructed the construction of the road.

Meanwhile, civilians in Gaza live in constant fear of Israel’s post-war plans. Israel’s construction measures in the name of security will further limit the freedom of Gazans.

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