China’s espionage is on the rise in Europe

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 7:55 am

Last Tuesday, German prosecutors arrested a man named Jian Jie on suspicion of providing information to Chinese intelligence about the upcoming European Union (EU) elections. He is an aide to Maximilian Krah, the front-runner of Germany’s far-right AfD party in the EU elections. Krah said he would stop working with Jian Ji if the allegations were proven

Jian Ji works in Brussels and Dresden, Germany He also monitored anti-China activists in Germany, counsel said

Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Fazza said the allegations against Xi would be an “attack on European democracy from within” if proven.

He said that while Russia and China have increased their espionage, Germany has also increased its counter-espionage

In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called allegations of Chinese espionage in Europe “hype”. Besides, he also commented that it was done for the purpose of “dishonoring and suppressing China”.

Meanwhile, the German Ministry of Justice said on Monday that three German citizens have been arrested on charges of working with Chinese intelligence agencies to procure technology for use by Beijing’s navy. The Chinese embassy in Berlin denied the allegations

On the same day, two men were charged in the UK with spying for China One of them used to work with an important leader of the ruling party, the Conservative Party Beijing’s embassy in London has described the allegations of British intelligence theft as “completely fabricated”.

Earlier on March 25, Britain reported that Chinese hackers had tried to hack emails of British MPs critical of Beijing. Britain has also alleged that China is involved in stealing the information of billions of people by hacking the election agency

MIVD, the Netherlands’ military intelligence agency, said in its annual report on April 18 that Chinese intelligence had targeted the Dutch semiconductor, aerospace and maritime industries to bolster Beijing’s military. China wants to reduce its dependence on the knowledge and technology of the western world That’s why they need the latest technology, which they don’t have Therefore, China wants to get them through legal procedures, research, investment, and even intelligence agencies,” said the annual report.

On December 20 last year, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandra de Crowe said that Beijing had hired a member of the Belgian radical right-wing party Flames Belang as an intelligence agent. In view of this complaint, the head of Flams Belang expelled the member from the party

In 2019, a former employee of China’s Huawei and a former Polish intelligence agent were arrested on charges of spying for Beijing.

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