Congress is floundering because tea-wallahs are prime ministers three times: Modi

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:52 am

Congress leaders are wondering how a tea man became the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said such a statement.

Om Birla became the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for the second time last Wednesday (June 26). Then last Monday Modi and his party were single-handedly taken by Congress and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi and party MPs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the criticism as irresponsible. He said that the Congress leaders could not accept how a tea man could become the Prime Minister for the third time in a row. Modi also said that parliamentarians should take lessons from their senior members in order to fulfill their duties and learn the code of conduct.

Addressing the NDA alliance meeting, Modi said that parliamentarians need to learn how to behave, follow rules and work in parliament.

He also said that every MP should highlight the issues of their respective Lok Sabha constituencies and acquire expertise in various important issues.

Meanwhile, before the speech in the Lok Sabha, a parliamentary party meeting was held at the Sangsad Bhavan. Besides BJP MPs, legislators from other parties of the NDA alliance were also present in that meeting. Earlier, during the parliamentary session, Modi used to give messages only to the BJP MPs during the parliamentary party meetings.

This time the BJP did not get a single majority. That is why Modi formed the government with the support of NDA alliance partners.

It should be noted that in the 18th Lok Sabha of India, Congress-led India Alliance has increased its strength in the Parliament, so they are fighting the BJP-led NDA coalition government quite well.

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