Defeat of Israel is certain: Hamas

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 1:45 am

Israel’s brutal attack has turned Gaza into a prison of death. Dead body after dead body. Mass graves are coming out one by one. The barbaric Israeli forces could not achieve anything but death and destruction despite the fierce invasion for more than six months. Could not suppress the powerful Palestinian rebel organization Hamas. Rather, they (Israel) are stuck in the trap of illegal sand in Gaza. Stuck in such a way that their defeat is almost certain.

Abu Ubaydah, the spokesman of Hamas’s military wing Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades, gave such a hint in a televised statement on the occasion of the 200th day of the Gaza war. He said, they have no goal, no hope, the soldiers are very close to a shameful defeat.

In the video address, Abu Ubaydah also said, after 200 days of war in Gaza, the occupying forces want to convince the world that they have eliminated all resistance groups, according to a report by Lebanese news outlet Al-Maydin. This is a terrible lie. They are completely stuck in the sands of Gaza. The Israeli army is now trying to restore and reestablish its image in Gaza. He also said that our resistance against Israel is as firm as a mountain. Ubaydah said, as long as the invasion of the occupiers remains in our land, we will continue to suffer and resist. As a result, the Israeli forces can achieve nothing but shame and defeat from here.

Since the start of the war on October 7, the Israeli army has been continuously attacking various places including Gaza. More than 34,000 people were killed in Palestine during the six-and-a-half-month attack on the pretext of eliminating Hamas. Millions were injured. Most of them are women and children.

According to the latest data from the Gaza Ministry of Health, at least 34 thousand 262 Palestinians were killed and 77 thousand 229 were injured in the Israeli attack. In this situation, there is a call to stop the war from the whole world, especially from the countries known as their allies. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not willing to come to any kind of compromise. As a result, Israel now has to deal with Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Yemen’s Houthis. All in all, experts believe that Israel has fallen into a big trap.

Meanwhile, Jamaica announced a new decision during Israel’s attack on Gaza, which is besieged by Palestine. The government of the Caribbean region has decided to recognize the state of Palestine. The country announced the decision amid concerns over Israel’s war and deepening humanitarian crisis. Jamaica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade reported this information in a statement. In a report on Wednesday, Qatar-based media Al Jazeera reported this news.

The statement said, “The decision to recognize Palestine as a state has been made in line with the commitment to the principles of the United Nations Charter.” States seek mutual respect and peaceful coexistence among themselves as well as recognition of the right of peoples to self-determination. In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jamaica Kamina Johnson Smith said that his country wants to see a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through diplomatic negotiations instead of military action. Earlier, four European countries including Spain agreed to recognize Palestine as an independent state. The other three countries are Ireland, Malta and Slovenia. They have already taken initial steps to recognize Palestine.

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