Efforts to make India a Hindu Rashtra somewhat thwarted: Amartya Sen

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 10:00 am

The NDA government ruled by BJP for the third time in power in India, a country of 1.4 billion people, despite various allegations of religious polarization such as the construction of Ram temple, giving priority to the majority of Hindus in the country. The opposition has also alleged that the country would have been declared a Hindu Rashtra if the BJP returned to power with more than 400 seats in the recently concluded 18th Lok Sabha elections. Nobel laureate economist Dr. Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate in economics, has always been a staunch critic of the BJP. Apart from Hindutvaism, unemployment, religious polarization, the BJP is facing severe criticism from the Nobel laureate on various issues including improving the quality of primary level education.

The veteran economist, who recently returned to Kolkata after being in Europe for about six months, practically bombed the BJP at the airport. This time, Amartya Sen has taken a step further and poked the supporters of Hinduism in the country. He said, the attempt to make Hindu Rashtra could not be completely prevented. But it has been stopped for now.

The Nobel laureate criticized the overall education system of the country as the main speaker at a meeting titled ‘Why do I go to school – easy lessons of cooperation’ of his charity Pratichi.

After that, while answering various questions of the journalists present, he severely criticized the BJP for its Hindutvaism. He also urged the common people of the country not to be tempted by religious polarization. The veteran economist also expressed his anger about the Ram temple.

The Nobel laureate economist said that efforts to make India a Hindu Rashtra have been somewhat hampered by the results of the Lok Sabha elections. People have not ruled in favor of BJP’s bigotry this time.

Amartya Sen is a resident of Santiniketan, West Bengal. Visva Bharati University, which has been under the central government for several years, has been in legal trouble over its ancestral home. However, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, standing up for Amarta Sen, has assured all kinds of cooperation and is also providing legal assistance. By doing this, Amartya Sen’s harsh criticism against the BJP is considered to be seen by many from a political point of view.

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