Benny Gantz wants early elections in Israel by dissolving the parliament

Last Updated on May 31, 2024 11:39 am

Wartime cabinet member Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience Party has proposed a vote to dissolve Israel’s parliament. Benny Gantz proposed dissolving parliament on Thursday (May 30) to hold an early election.

Gantz is not on good terms with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other parts of the government over Israel’s military invasion of Gaza and the massacre of Palestinians.

Recently, Benny Gantz gave an ultimatum demanding an end to the war in Gaza by June 8. He also threatened to resign from the cabinet if the demand is not met.

After that ultimatum, this minister demanded an early election by dissolving the parliament. Gantz, a former army officer, does anti-Netanyahu politics. Gantz joined Netanyahu’s government shortly after the Israeli invasion of Gaza began on October 7 last year.

Gantz’s centrist party split last March, leaving it without enough seats in parliament to topple the ruling coalition.

Netanyahu’s Likud party responded to Gantz’s latest move, saying Israel needs unity now and that a government collapse would harm the war effort.

According to local media reports, the Israeli army is tired of fighting. The country’s politicians are also tired. But Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to continue this one-sided war. But Netanyahu’s minister, Benny Gantz, is upset.

Israel has razed Gaza to the ground after seven months of attacks. But still this war is not over. And the fact that Israel will not win this war, from the newspapers of the country to the international analysts. So what hope is Netanyahu fighting?

It is said that Netanyahu may be imprisoned if he loses power, so he wants to continue the war. Former defense minister Gantz was angry because of Netanyahu’s such a slander. He believes that Israel is moving away from the course of war due to the cowardice of some Israeli leaders.

Gantz said last week that Israeli troops are showing incredible bravery on the front lines, but some of the people they send to fight are acting like cowards and showing irresponsibility.

Gantz alleged that Netanyahu is continuing the war without any plan. So he gave Netanyahu time until June 8. If not, he will resign.

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