Erdogan gave a strong message to Israel on the Lebanon issue

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 9:26 am

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been vocal about the Israeli genocide in Gaza since the beginning. This time, he commented that ‘human rights and international law are under foot’ in the hands of Israel.

After returning home from Germany after seeing Turkey’s game in the quarter finals of the Euro, Erdogan expressed his anger about Israel’s genocide in Palestine while talking to the press. At that time, the Turkish president said, “Israel must end the genocide by stopping these inhumane attacks.” Israel is still carrying out massacres, one attack after another. Human rights and international law are being trampled in the hands of Israel.

In addition to the Gaza war, Israel is also spreading terror in Lebanon. They have threatened Lebanon with war because of the conflict with Hezbollah. Erdoğan warned Israel about extending the Gaza war to Lebanon, saying, “They are also threatening Lebanon (with war). Israel must withdraw from its intention to spread conflict in this region (Middle East).’

Erdogan also spoke openly about Turkey’s relations with Syria and Iran in a conversation with the media. Regarding the possibility of improving relations with Syria, Erdogan said, “We will respond only if Bashar al-Assad (Syrian President) takes steps to improve relations with Turkey.” We want to see Türkiye-Syria relations in the previous position.

Meanwhile, after the Iranian presidential election, Erdoğan emphasized Turkey’s relationship with the country, adding, “Iran is our important neighbor, we have historical and cultural ties with them.” Hopefully, Turkish-Iranian relations will move forward positively in the new era.’

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