Hezbollah claims to attack four military bases in Israel

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 8:48 am

This time, the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah targeted the Israeli military base. The Iran-backed group has targeted at least four military bases in the country and wreaked havoc.

At least 60 Katyusha rockets were fired to protest the killing of Hezbollah fighters in the Tel Aviv attack. Including the death of an Israeli soldier which damaged various areas in the north.

Day after day, the Lebanese armed group, Hezbollah, is attacking further into Israeli territory. Hizbullah’s rockets have been targeting strategically important installations, while sporadic attacks have so far targeted border areas.

On Sunday, the armed group fired at least 60 rockets at several areas in northern Israel.

Several areas of Israel suffered heavy losses in these attacks. Birkat Risha military installations were damaged. An Israeli soldier at the base was killed in a guided bomb attack. Fire broke out in different parts of the establishment. A few other Jewish soldiers were wounded.

Hezbollah’s missiles also directly hit Israel’s Mount Meron base. Several parts of the building were destroyed. In addition, Hezbollah also launched rocket attacks on Al-Baghdadi and Nimra and Bayad Blida military bases. Fire broke out in several areas of the Galilee region. As the fire spread quickly, it was brought under control with the help of 10 fire brigade units and 6 aircraft.

In response, Israel claimed to have struck several positions of Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon.

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