Indian Lok Sabha Elections: Who Will Come to Power?

Last Updated on June 1, 2024 4:52 pm

On June 4, it will be decided who is sitting in the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Who will be the resident of Lok Kalyan Marg for the next five years? We have to wait a few more days for these answers.

This election has given Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India and top leader of the ruling BJP, a chance to become the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term, which is rare in the last 77 years of independent India’s history. Modi himself is well aware of this. In almost every one of the campaign meetings held across India in the last one and a half months, Modi has made a bold appeal to the people to come to the polling booths and vote.

However, although the booth return survey revealed different information, this election is a big challenge for Narendra Modi. The target of 400 seats set by Modi’s NDA alliance at the start of the elections is fading away before the results are out, say poll strategists. Many think that this political stand of Modi is only to attract voters. Modi’s magic to wipe out the opposition has faded. Analysts fear that Narendra Modi’s alliance will now be able to cross the magic figure of 272 after the end of the fourth phase of voting. But it’s just that Modi’s Jayarath will not be as smooth as before this time.

According to many political analysts in India, the Congress has a good chance of turning around in this election; And at the root of this possibility is the Congress-led political alliance Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (India). This alliance, formed in July 2023, has 26 anti-BJP political parties. Some of these parties are also in power in the state governments of various states.

As a result, this Lok Sabha election was much more competitive than the previous two elections. According to Indian political analysts, the chances of India Alliance winning this election are slim; And if the BJP wins the election, the party will get fewer seats than in the last two elections.

Rahul Gandhi, the top leader of the India Alliance, is heartily seeking a crushing defeat for Narendra Modi. On the other hand, the top leader of the NDA alliance, Narendra Modi, is widely hoping that the India Alliance will collapse in the elections and Rahul will retire from politics bearing the responsibility of that collapse.

But we have to wait till June 4 to know who will win the election. Because the Election Commission of India will announce the results on that day. Before that, however, the media and private monitoring organizations will report the estimated results; But the people of India do not rely much on estimated results. Because it has been seen in many cases, there is no match between the estimated results and the results announced by the Election Commission.

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