Israel agrees to cease-fire proposal

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 8:54 am

Israel finally agreed to a cease-fire proposal in Gaza. US President Joe Biden on Friday proposed an end to the eight-month war in Gaza. The proposal called for a six-week ceasefire first and then a gradual, permanent cessation of hostilities.

Although Israel rejected this proposal on Saturday, it again agreed to that proposal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aide Ofir Falak confirmed such news on Sunday. He said that although this proposal was flawed, Netanyahu agreed to it. This information was reported by the news agency Reuters citing the report of the British media Sunday Times.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Ofir Falak, Netanyahu’s chief foreign policy adviser, said that Netanyahu has accepted Joe Biden’s offer to gradually end the war in Gaza. However, he said, the proposal is flawed and there is scope for further work on it. Falak said, ‘We have agreed to a plan agreement proposed by Biden. This is not a good deal. But we want the release of the hostages. I want to free them all. There is an opportunity to do more detailed work. At this time, he also demanded the release of all hostages and the destruction of Hamas as a condition for the implementation of the agreement. Ofir Falak said, “There will be no permanent ceasefire until all our objectives (the elimination of Hamas) are met.”

Biden has been supporting Israel with arms since the Israel-Hamas war on October 7 last year. But finally, the US president took seriously the ceasefire in Gaza. Last Friday, he announced a three-phase plan. He also mentioned that he sent it to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The first phase of Biden’s proposed plan would include a “full and complete cease-fire,” including the withdrawal of Israeli defense forces from populated areas and a Palestinian hostage exchange. The first phase of the ceasefire will allow more humanitarian aid to reach the beleaguered areas, including 600 trucks a day carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza. After that, both Israel and Hamas will participate in an open negotiation to end the war, and in the second phase, Hamas will release the remaining hostages. Finally, in the third phase, any Israeli prisoners who remain in Gaza will be returned and Gaza will be rebuilt with international aid. Earlier, Biden had floated a similar ceasefire proposal but failed to implement it.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu is under intense pressure to keep his coalition government in power. Two hard-right partners in his government have said they will quit if Hamas is granted concessions. But his defense secretary and former general and moderate politician Benny Gantz wants to consider Biden’s plan. Hamas temporarily welcomed Biden’s plan. Senior Hamas leader Osama Hamdan told Al-Jazeera on Saturday, “Biden’s speech included positive ideas.” But we want to implement it through a comprehensive agreement framework, which will meet our demands.” In addition to a permanent ceasefire, Hamas wants the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, free movement of Palestinians and aid in the reconstruction of Gaza.

On Sunday, Reuters reported that the mediating countries urged Israel and Hamas to finalize the plan presented by Biden for the ceasefire in Gaza and the release of prisoners in the valley. According to the report, if this plan is implemented, the mediators believe that the people of Gaza, the hostages and their families will get immediate relief. The United States, Egypt and Qatar have been trying for a ceasefire for the past few months, but the countries have not been able to bind the two sides to any agreement.

More than 100,000 Palestinians have left Rafah: Israeli forces are continuing their operations in Rafah despite international pressure. Displaced Palestinians have started to leave Rafah. More than 1 million Palestinians have already left Rafah. In such a situation, the United Nations refugee agency for Palestine has announced the closure of health care services there. According to Aljazeera news on Sunday, 100 more Palestinians were killed in the last 24 hours. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that since October last year, the number of Palestinians killed in Israel’s ongoing attack on the Gaza Strip has reached at least 36,379. Another 82 thousand 407 people were injured. Many people are still trapped under the rubble and on the streets.

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