Iran summons Chinese ambassador

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 8:57 am

Iran has summoned China’s ambassador to Tehran to protest over controversial statements by China and the United Arab Emirates over Iranian ownership of three islands in the Gulf.

Along with Iran, the UAE also claims ownership of the islands in the Gulf. Tehran has expressed anger over China’s recent joint statement supporting the Emirates’ demands. Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Chinese ambassador to Tehran on Sunday to protest against controversial statements on the island’s ownership, Reuters reported, citing Iran’s state-owned media.

Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunab are claimed by both Iran and the United Arab Emirates. However, the three islands have been occupied by Iran since 1971. Iran took over the islands shortly after the seven Gulf emirates or territories gained full independence from Britain. And those seven emirates formed the United Arab Emirates, which is now a close ally of Washington. Iran’s objections have been conveyed to the Chinese ambassador in Tehran over a joint statement issued by the United Arab Emirates and China expressing Chinese support for the baseless claim, Iranian state media said. China has been one of Iran’s largest trading partners for the past decade.

Iran’s state-owned media said, “Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the three islands in the Gulf are an integral part of Iran’s territory.” We also expect China to revise its position on this issue.

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