Israel denied Hamas’s claim

Last Updated on May 26, 2024 12:31 pm

Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas has demanded the detention of Israeli soldiers in Gaza. A spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing said on Sunday that its fighters captured Israeli soldiers during the fighting in Jabalia, northern Gaza, on Saturday. However, the Israeli military denied this claim by Hamas.

A spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing did not say how many Israeli soldiers had been detained. Besides, they have not shown any evidence in support of this claim.

In a recorded message sent to Al Jazeera on Sunday, Al Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Ubaida said our fighters lured the Zionist forces into an ambush in a tunnel. At this time some of the members of that force were killed, injured and the rest were captured in the attack of our fighters.

On Sunday, the Israeli army denied this claim by the armed wing of Hamas. The military said in a statement that there were no incidents where any of its soldiers were killed or abducted.

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