Netanyahu is afraid of getting caught up in corruption

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 9:25 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be embroiled in corruption related to the purchase of sophisticated military submarines and missile boats.

The country’s anti-corruption agency issued the warning to Netanyahu on Monday (June 24).

These submarines and ships were purchased between 2009 and 2016. Netanyahu was the prime minister of Israel at that time.

In a written statement on Monday, Israel’s anti-corruption agency said, “The search, investigation and review of various documents related to the purchase revealed that the purchase of submarines and ships did not take place according to the rules and the Prime Minister of Israel himself gave the green signal for this purchase. He even used his position and power in this purchase.

“Through this, he (Netanyahu) has endangered the security of the state and damaged Israel’s diplomatic and economic interests,” the statement said.

However, Netanyahu also responded to the anti-corruption agency’s warning. A statement issued by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office on Monday said in this context, “These submarines and ships were bought to ensure security from Iran, which wants to destroy us.”

“History will prove that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to buy these submarines and warships was the right one for the sake of Israel’s security.”

Israel’s current anti-corruption agency was established in 2022. Benjamin Netanyahu was not in power at that time. The agency said that soon all information suitable for public disclosure will be released in this incident.

Allegations of corruption against Netanyahu are not new, however. Three cases are currently pending against him in Israeli courts.

Source: Reuters

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