Israel does not allow Palestinians to enter Al-Aqsa

Last Updated on March 11, 2024 11:41 pm

The first night of the holy month of Ramadan. The whole family sits together in Sehri to break the fast. Fajr prayer after a while. At that time, several bombs suddenly fell on the roof of the house. Instantly the entire floor is covered in blood. Lifeless bodies of innocent people were scattered all over the room. Such was the scene witnessed by a poor family in central Gaza on the first day of Ramadan. Air strikes in several other places in the morning. More blood, more corpses. Hunger, attacks and sieges have never seen such a Ramadan before – this time the besieged Gaza is witnessing a ‘historic’ Ramadan.

16 members of the same family were killed in the attack during Sehri on Monday. Dozens of innocent Palestinians were also injured. Most of the dead were women and children. Al Jazeera

On the first day of Ramadan, the Israeli army attacked several places in the besieged Gaza. Witnesses said most of the attacks took place during Sehri and Fajr prayers. A situation has developed in Gaza where every family has a martyr. Israel bombarded al-Jenina area east of Rafah city. They bombed the house of Barakat family in that area.

Three others were injured there. In the same city, the Israeli army bombarded the agricultural land near the Egyptian-Palestinian border in Al-Salam neighborhood. Violent explosions also occurred in the southern part of Khan Yunis city. With the start of Ramadan, tensions have also started around Al-Aqsa in East Jerusalem. Israeli police blocked the way of Palestinian worshipers who were going to perform Taraweeh prayers there. They prevented them from entering the mosque. At one point the Israeli police started beating and pushing out the devout Palestinian Muslims. When the video was released on Monday, widespread criticism began. Thereafter Muslims above the age of 40 were allowed to pray at Al-Aqsa. But it is at this time of the year that the streets of Jerusalem are decorated. Various events are held on the occasion of Ramadan. There are lights on the streets. But this year, that street in Jerusalem’s Old City has faded. People traffic is less. Many are distressed by the thought of their oppressed brothers and sisters in Gaza.

One such resident in the name of Umm Amar said, ‘We will break iftar. But thousands of people in Gaza may not be able to eat anything. There is a famine situation. Israeli forces have also attacked the occupied West Bank. The Israeli military hit Tulkarem town, Balata camp, east of Nablus with a bulldozer bomb. They even blocked the entrance to the town of Tuku, southeast of Bethlehem. Not only the attacks, but the extreme food situation in Gaza is even more dire.

The hunger in the famine-stricken region is increasing day by day. About 25 children, two old men and a young woman have already died in the besieged region due to additional food shortages. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, claimed that 13,000 of the Palestinians killed in Gaza were “terrorist” members.

He said this during an interview with German media company Axel Springer on Sunday. German newspaper Bild quoted Netanyahu as saying, ‘We are very close to victory… Once we start military action against the remaining terrorist battalions in Rafah, it is only a matter of weeks until the intensive phase of the war is over.’

Gazans are suffering from various diseases due to non-ceasefire. One thousand and 100 patients of the blocked area suffering from chronic kidney disease. They need urgent dialysis. But due to the Israeli blockade, he is not receiving proper treatment. As a result, even if the bomb does not kill, the helpless Palestinian will die of disease. “Three members of my family must clean their blood,” said one Palestinian. The journey to the hospital is a challenge. Lack of food and nutrition and lack of clean water all add to our suffering. We are losing weight and suffering from fatigue and exhaustion. Many patients now require blood, which is not available.”

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