Israel is shaken by Hezbollah’s Muhurmuhu rocket attack

Last Updated on June 14, 2024 11:31 am

Lebanon’s Iran-backed armed group Hezbollah launched a rocket attack on Israel. The attack was carried out in protest against the killing of the group’s senior field commander in an Israeli attack.

This information was reported in a report by the Middle East Monitor on Thursday (June 13).

According to the report, Hizbollah has again attacked more than 150 rockets in the northern part of Israel. The attack was carried out in the occupied Golan Heights and Upper Galilee area of ​​Syria.

Reuters reported that air raid sirens sounded in the northern city of Israel on Thursday. Around 40 more rockets were fired from Lebanon in the afternoon. Footage broadcast by Israeli media showed that numerous rockets were intercepted in several towns, including Safed, about 12 kilometers from the Lebanese border.

Israel’s National Ambulance Service said two people were injured by shrapnel from the missile. A missile fired from Lebanon landed in an open field. Fire has spread in several areas.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Islamic resistance movement Hezbollah fired more than 170 missiles at Israel on the same day. These missiles were launched in stages from morning.

The Israeli media Times of Israel reported that this is one of the biggest rocket attacks by Hezbollah targeting Israel in the war that has been going on for the past 8 months.

According to the media, Tiberias has been targeted in this attack by the Lebanese group. Hizbollah has not fired any rocket in this region before in the ongoing war. The Times of Israel also reported that no casualties have been reported so far in the rocket attack.

Earlier on Wednesday night, occupying Israel carried out an airstrike in Lebanon and killed a senior leader of Hezbollah. It is believed that so many rockets were fired together in protest against that attack.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the Hezbollah rocket attack. At least 90 rockets from Lebanon entered northern Israel, they said. Some of these rockets were destroyed using air defense systems. And some rockets hit a few places.

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