Hizbullah attacks set fire in various parts of Israel

Last Updated on June 14, 2024 11:03 am

Attacks on the country continued for a second day in response to an Israeli attack that killed a senior field commander of Lebanese resistance fighters Hezbollah. After 150 rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel, fires spread across the occupied Golan Heights and Upper Galilee. Al-Jazeera reported this information on Maariv, an Israeli daily.

According to Reuters, air raid sirens sounded throughout the northern Israeli city on Thursday. About 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon in the afternoon. Israel’s state broadcaster Cannes broadcast footage of numerous rocket attacks over Israeli towns, including Safed, about 12 kilometers from the Lebanese border.

Israel’s National Ambulance Service said two people were injured by shrapnel from the missile. Besides, when the rocket hit the open area, fire spread in several areas.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war, the Israeli army and Hezbollah fighters have been regularly counterattacking on the Lebanese border. However, when the top commander of Hezbollah, Talib Sami Abdullah, was killed in an Israeli attack, the tension between the two sides increased.

Talib Sami Abdullah was killed when Israeli forces struck a residential building in Zawa, southern Lebanon, late Tuesday night local time. He is the most senior Hezbollah official to have been killed in the counter-attacks that have lasted for more than eight months. Besides, three more members of Hezbollah died in this incident.

Talib Sami Abdullah was born in 1969 in the idealized region of Lebanon. But he is also well known as Haji Talib. His funeral was held in the southern suburbs of Beirut on Wednesday.

The head of Hizbullah’s Executive Council, Syed Hashem Safi Al-Din, who participated in Haji Talib’s funeral, said, “Our response to the martyrdom of Taleb Sami Abdullah is that we will intensify our campaign.” If the Israeli army starts crying and moaning about what they have already done in Northern Israel. But they should be prepared for more crying and moaning.

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