Israeli troops ready to enter Rafah, Netanyahu shouts

Last Updated on March 29, 2024 8:20 am

Israel’s army is preparing to enter the southern Gaza city of Rafah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

He said this to their relatives regarding the release of Israeli soldiers captured by the Palestinian independence organization Hamas in Gaza. Al-Jazeera, based in Al-Qatar, reported this information in Friday’s report.

“Only military pressure will ensure the release of the hostages,” Netanyahu said.

In a statement, the Prime Minister of Israel also said, “We have conquered the northern part of the Gaza Strip and Khan Yunus.” Now the ground operation is starting in southern Rafah.

Already, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has complained that Israel is carrying out genocidal activities by conducting military operations in Gaza. Apart from this, the Supreme Court of the United Nations has also ordered to take two new steps.

In a legally binding order, the ICJ asked Israel to ensure free access to Gaza for basic services and humanitarian aid, including food, water, fuel and medicine, without delay.

Top UN official Martin Griffiths warned last month that an Israeli attack on Gaza’s southernmost town of Rafah could cause “massive carnage”.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to defeat Hamas members who are hiding in Rafah.

It should be noted that before the start of the war in Gaza in October last year, about two and a half million people lived in Rafah. However, after the start of the conflict, when Israel ordered the evacuation of northern Gaza, the number of people in the area reached 1.5 million.

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