Kim-Putin’s plan to attack the West with NATO policy!

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 9:15 am

The agreement signed with the country during the rare visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to North Korea is being closely analyzed. There is an annexation to the NATO policy as well. Where one country is affected, the other country will also be considered affected. Apart from this, the formation of a joint force like NATO and whether any new country will be included in the alliance is also being strongly discussed.

American media CNN has published an analysis of these issues.

Putin has not been invited to major events around the world recently because of the war in Ukraine. In this situation, Kim Jong Un’s warm welcome suggests that Putin’s acceptance by many has not diminished in any way, no matter how much the West tries to dissuade him.

Statements and agreements between the two leaders during the visit have condemned the imperialist policy of the United States and its allies, as well as a glimpse of strengthening Russia’s relationship with North Korea.

Putin signs a defense pact with North Korea. The treaty has an attachment similar to Article 5 of the Western military alliance NATO. In which it is said, these two countries will help each other in any aggression from the West or neighbors.

The agreement also states that if a war situation arises in one country, the other country will provide immediate arms support.

Questions have been raised whether this ‘Military Strategic Partnership’ agreement will lead to joint military exercises and formation of joint forces for border protection. Analysts are also questioning whether more countries will join this agreement in the future. In addition, the mutual military cooperation agreement raises the question of whether or not North Korean weapons will be used in the Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, long-awaited US weapons have begun arriving in Ukraine. The United States has also lifted several restrictions on the use of weapons in the war with Russia. Russia now needs weapons to keep Ukraine under constant pressure and achieve desired results in the ongoing war. North Korea is seeking technical and financial support from Russia in its nuclear program.

In this situation, there is a question whether Russia will cooperate with Kim Jong Un or not, but for now, analysts believe that Putin wants to make the West believe that through this visit.

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