Kuwait lifts visa ban on Filipino workers

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 9:39 am

Kuwait lifts visa ban on Filipino employers and workers. On Monday (June 24), Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior announced the lifting of the ban.

This news was published in a report of Gulf News based in the Arab Emirates, citing Kuwait’s state news agency Kunar.

According to reports, the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait imposed a visa ban on Philippine employers and workers in February 2023. This was done mainly because of the controversy over the rights of Filipino employers and workers.

Finally, after more than a year of talks between Kuwaiti and Filipino officials, the two countries reached an agreement to resume the recruitment of domestic workers from the Philippines.

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Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement, “A joint committee on the welfare of Kuwaiti-Philippine domestic workers will be formed. This committee will work regularly to deal with any crisis.

In January 2023, the body of a Filipino domestic worker, Julebi Ranara, was recovered from Kuwait. As a result, in February of that year, the Philippines announced a ban on sending domestic workers to the country for the first time. The country’s decision worsened relations between the two countries and Kuwait suspended visas.

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